Making money while I slept off a little bit of drinking

Making money while I slept off a little bit of drinking

💥 Making money while I slept off a little bit of drinking 😳

👉 Never trust ME, because yeah, I enjoy lying to you

👉 I just make up stories, because it’s fun f’k’ing with YOU

👉 If YOU BELIEVE those two lines, then YOU do NOT know ME

Last night I got a little tipsy, and passed out on my bed early 🥴

💥 Woke up and grabbed my phone to see what time it was; found a message and a text

Yes, I made a $100 by sleeping off a bit of drinking 🤯 😳😲

💥 This didn’t happen in 1980, 1990, 2000 something

This happened LAST NIGHT, June 19th-early morning June 20th 2020 while being trashed  🗑

💥 LOL… I could barely text back and had a massive headache, could barely operate the phone..

Now most of you will still say that didn’t happen, you are lying 🔍👀

💥 Ok, yeah, I just lied to you because ???? 🤨

Please tell me why I would lie to you .. is it because…  🔥

💥  Yeah… I did NOT lie, the stories I tell YOU are the TRUTH, reality is actually cool, try it …

No different than the easy money that comes with this AVA that I’ve told you about 💲

💥  I actually don’t give a f’c’k if you do this (you probably won’t, because ??? )

The people that have the faith to go somewhere great – don’t care either🕳️

💥  You still probably don’t believe that people will send you $100 via SMS

Well … take a look at the proof, no cool life story I have will ever be better, because I am about reality 👍

💥 While you may have your doubts, that’s what I call an “Excuse Mind”… a NON Do’er, the all “talk”, no “walk” person

Commit to AVA 🤖 the TextBot that will help you earn money online to the tune of $100

💥 Isn’t it time you listen to ME instead of giving me your EXCUSE?

Time you just did something this one simple thing to make money 💲

💥 >> 👇👇👇👇👇👇 << 🔥

💥 Text 💲 “CASH” to or call AVA at 518-675-0589 💥

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