Making Money Online and Time To Clean

Making Money Online and Time To Clean

Making Money Online and Time To Clean

Making Money Online and Time To Clean

I’ve owned this domain and blog since 2018 when I started that road out of Shopify hell, and onward to making money online in other ways. This domain has served me well, but I haven’t served it well.

Making Money Online and Time To Clean

Earlier today I took out the trash so to speak, and removed a bunch of unrelated posts here to the MMO; make money online or making money online articles I write here.  When I looked back, I think it was about time to remove the trashy political posts as well as the crap direct linking posts. 

I hope I nixed them all and there will be more readers soon.

I also removed all the “ads” as without traffic, you ain’t selling sheeeet anyways. lol. 

It had become a parody site more or less. It was like a site that was trying too hard. I looked at it, the way it even loaded was a real pain. Pain to look at. 

Anyways, going forward this blog will be dedicated to the making money online focus. No more wandering off, and I  will be writing all the content. Not sure if I will blog daily, but you never know. At the end of a day it’s great to unleash your final thoughts on the world. 

I’ll have to admit now, I’ve been watching more Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu shows lately. Probably more than I should. In fact it is more than I should. 

Regardless, I have been semi-binge-watching the show – The Crown.

In the episode, I watched last night it was about the time the Queen (Elizabeth II, the current reigning Queen of England) didn’t go to the town buried by what I think was strip mining coal.

This was a really sad episode, but in the aftermath the Queen actually showed emotion.  Also in the final notes, it was noted that in reality this has and will be one of her biggest regrets as she didn’t go right away to this town.  116 children and 144 total people died under a mountain of coal and mud. 

Also on this episode last night I noticed the Queen wrote in a daily diary. Which prompted me to think that it’s maybe not such a bad thing to get this blog going again, and just flat out write about what I know about, or even my daily life. 

That is what prompted me to get cleaning on this blog today. Removing the garbage should help in the long run. One day it might make me some money, or maybe not. 

I’ve been doing this making money online thing for quite a few years now.

Starting out with Shopify back in 2015 and progressing to the shiny object error, the start and stop of email marketing, the YouTube thing, and even more shiny objects. Then selling software, building downlines, etc… 

It never ends when you are trying to make some cash on the side.  Now one thing I never got into early unfortunately was crypto or BitCoin. Kind of missed that boat. It is what it is. 

You however have a chance to cash in easy peasy like with this new product that was launched this week. It’s called Crypto Commissions and it’s nearly moved 5,000 units of the FE (Front End) product already in a few days. 

Basically, the product creates sites that are DFY and it helps you cash in on the crypto money-making machine.  It’s totally a heat seeking missile this week, and this is your chance to grab your copy of it;

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