Look ahead, but nothing wrong with thinking of the past

Look ahead, but nothing wrong

with thinking of the past

Earlier this afternoon I was working on this offline project and decided to fire up some tunes. 3 Doors Down was a band I remember having a bunch of hits back in the day. They had this full concert on YouTube from Tampa FL (recorded last December).

My mind rushed back 20 years in a moment. All the hit songs they had. So many I even forgot a lot of them. But that is what music does, and it felt like there I was back in 1999 sitting in the yard of the house I was renting in Ballwin MO. 

Grilling and chilling with my ex and a friend. My kids were still young back then.  Both are now adults, one is 30 and the other one is married. Went to his wedding last November. 

Today, for a moment in time this afternoon I was back in 1999 and things were all good. There was none of this election fraud stuff going. None of this bad news. Heck, the Twin Towers (World Trade Centers) were still standing.

Things were way different. 

Here I am though, in “the today” and so many things have gone by and a lot of them are but memories. Memories that when I hear the music from back then, it takes me right there like I never left. 

Yet I left and I totally get that some of you were not even born back then. Here is the “jist” of how that works. Time moves forward. No matter where you are today, another 20 years will pass and it won’t stop for you or me. 

Enough about my reminiscing about the good ‘ol days. Here is the thing though, we are in a great time right now. You know it and so do I. It’s called the pandemic.

Or rather the pandemic reset. Are you still driving to the 9-5 or are you like me, working from home and earning online? 

The pandemic reset was the best thing to ever happen to me personally. I want it to be the best thing to happen to you too. The only thing is that you need guidance. That’s what I wish I had 20 years ago.

But you can’t go back, but only to reminisce. That’s fun and it makes you remember the good times (and the bad times). I wish however I knew about all that I know now.

For you, it’s great that you are reading this. Because I’m going to tell you about the one thing that will really accelerate your earnings online. 

Now it’s not going to happen overnight. It will however teach you things that you might have believed in your head to be impossible. It’s not at all impossible.

You need to first think that – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Now I’m going to help you get there faster. Many people that see this will scoff at it, but it’s the real deal. 

Of course, you are thinking “This is going to cost a lot of money“. 

It really isn’t going to cost you much at all. Heck, I bet if you are still driving to the 9-5, you are spending more on lunch and your breaks every day. Yup, the geedunk machines add up!  All the breaks, the smokes (if you still smoke!), the sodas, etc… all that costs money.

You can literally make a promise to yourself and stop spending for ONE day. You’ll literally have the money to get this information. 

Yes, it’s information that is that low in cost but will teach you everything you need to know. I’m not lying! If you follow this for at least 90 days, I guarantee you’ll be on your way. I bet you’ll even make a sale! 

No joke. The choice is now totally 100% your choice. If you are still struggling. Driving to the 9-5 daily…

… and trust me when I say this – the pandemic reset ended my 9-5. I work from home. I get up when I want to, work as long as I want to, and yes, on nice days I go for long rides on my bike. 

That’s what you want too. You know you want that, but you don’t know how to get it. It is not that hard. Just follow the steps inside, and don’t quit for at least 90 days. You have to be committed to this.

Are you ready? 


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