Let’s sircle back, eh? 

Let’s sircle back, eh? 

Let’s sircle back, eh? 

Yes, I intentionally spelled “circle” as “sircle”. Isn’t funny how the English language loves to play tricks on you. Or how they have two or sometimes multiple ways of pronouncing letters combined with other letters. 

One of the more humorous parts of school is the English class. How they try to get you to read everything, and yet, they tell you what you must read.  

Rarely do you get to sit and read an article online, it’s a book. There is however good reason for it. 

Everything done online is very disposable. 

Yup, that is the truth, this blog post you are reading right now. It’s a great example of how disposable this medium is. 

You will do one of two things. You’ll either keep reading it, and move on. Or you might even stick it in one of those readers for later things. 

Here is the deal, this past week James released a really cool product. I figured people would be all over it. 

I was wrong! 

hahaha.. that isn’t unusual, but this is a great twist on the traditional MLM model with zero cost organic traffic. 

Now, who wouldn’t want that? 

To further the reason I promoted this in the first place was I figured my list would be bonkers about it. I guessed wrong. 


Maybe you just missed this great opportunity for another income stream.

Remember, James himself didn’t create this method or system. It was created by his significant other or his wife!

She was the one that figured it out on her own. Started making that 4 figure a day moolah on the side. 

Isn’t it time you put away your prejudice and give it another look;

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