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Learning from the shows on Netflix

Learning from the shows on Netflix

You and I both know that wasting time binge-watching shows on Netflix or any of the streaming platforms is just an extreme waste of time.

If you hate reading my long-winded emails, I’ll save you some time, and cut to the promo link which is here;

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Now that I have saved some of you time, that’s great as I know anyone who clicked that link above still will likely not do the one thing that prevents you from making this a side hustle.

That one thing? 

No, not that ONE thing, but that one thing that keeps you steadily losing day in and day out isn’t only focus but it’s down to taking action.

Following through on what you started. 

As I believe I already said in another email, you may not have seen it as I didn’t give people the option to just click and run like above is the show I watched just last night on Max; yes another streaming platform!

It was called “Telemarketers” and while it was amateurish at best in the production, it was from the heart, and it was real.

It was about 2 guys that were in the dirty game of fundraising for the police or the FOP – fraternal order of the POLICE.

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They are the people that scam, let’s just be honest here – it’s a big scam – the money of older people, hard-working people, and generally people not in the know.

Selling those, and come on now you have seen these, “Support the Police” stickers with years on them.

You see them posted up in the windows of stores in every strip mall across America. 

The people are sold on the promise that if you support the police, the police won’t give you a ticket or harass you. 

It’s all just a scam, as the FOP tactics were fined on the original company that started the whole scam, but it goes deeper.

As the 2 guys filming the show, it literally took them like 15 years to piece together this whole mini-series for Max. 

The story took many twists and turns, but in the end, it was pretty obvious this has gone on for a long time, just in a different form as it exists today.

My advice is if you get that call on your phone today, just hang up the minute the person starts to speak or even say they are with you…

… this political action committee ie… PACs.

That is where they have morphed to now!

With the election season and all the dirty politics around, both sides will be dialing and smiling to get your donation to their PAC.

While it’s a good scam to the tunes of multi-millions, would you really want to be associated with such a scummy way to earn a buck?

You don’t have to be like that at all, as you probably have seen this guy from Ukraine make a living online.

He rakes in money while his country is being thrown into a war with Russia, for no apparent reason than for the other powers out there to test their weapons. 

But let’s stick to the point of this.

You can make legitimate money by helping people learn this one thing. 

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The focus of your side hustling life can and should be on this one thing. 

It’s time to really dig deep.

I know I’ve sent you several different offers over the last few days, just to keep you entertained, but each of those will do the same thing. 

This one however is a gem that stands out tall amongst them all. 

Just like “Telemarketers”, you’ll never stop them 100% as someone else will pick up the scam…

This isn’t a scam and people will continue to learn how to perfect how one guy from Ukraine made it his way of income:

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