Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

Should you jump into the Laptop Lifestyle Funnel like a few other people already have? Or is it seriously not worth your time to even give it a go!

What is the Laptop Lifestyle Funnel?

It’s a funnel I created to show you the newbie offers you should have in your arsenal. When I first created it I was concerned that I was just spinning my wheels. In the past 24 hours since I released it, I’m getting signups.

Laptop Lifestyle Funnel
Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

One of the peculiar things I find hilarious about internet marketing are those people that sign up to mailing lists. Why do I find it hilarious? Because they get mad at you when you email them. But instead of just clicking the “unsubscribe” button, they feel it’s their duty to tell you off, tell you how you suck, etc…

Do you know how to click the unsubscribe link?

There are times I really wonder if people get on mailing lists to just fill up their inbox. Show how important and busy they are. Then get mad at you just to get mad. I mean for real. Why not just hit the unsubscribe? That’s what it’s there for. But people fail to use it just to what — vent their anger on YOU?

Laptop Lifestyle Funnel
Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

That’s right. If you get yourself on a list, and no longer are interested in making money, losing weight, learning something new and helpful – whatever it is – just hit that unsubscribe link/button! Cursing out the writer isn’t going to help you at all. It’s going to raise your blood pressure and cause all sorts of bad karma for you.

But I love your witty emails!

(read in your best Elvis voice) Well thank you.. thank you very much  If you are on my mailing list either via the Laptop Lifestyle Funnel, Global Profit System, or some other promotion, I thank you for sticking around and reading. Just remember, you will get emails if you are on my list. That’s why it’s called a mailing list!

Laptop Lifestyle Funnel
Laptop Lifestyle Funnel
In conclusion…

If you want to learn more about the Laptop Lifestyle funnel, please go here.

If you want access to the plugin to make that funnel get funnelKit GO


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