Just read the funniest post on reddit

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Just read the funniest post on reddit

This guy had a question in a reddit email marketing subreddit that just was peculiar. 


It went something like this… 


“I have a shopify site and I get contact-us form submissions EVERY Day .. like many of them. 


Does anyone know what software they’re using to do this with?” 


Reading that again gives me a headache, and I’m glad I could just copy and paste it. 


For one thing, it makes zero sense whatsoever. I had to respond, because it just was so confusing what he was asking. 


He clarified it with this, which is even more dumbfounding. 


The response was in 3 lines, but the main one that realy counted was this:


 “I want to find out how I can spam other forms.


At that point I wanted to just jump ship, but since I got in, I pressed on and basically told him that seemed like a great waste of time to me! 


Of course he responds back with this laughable answer:


I’ve made money from cold outreach. Lots actually.


My response was to correct him on the fact that it is not cold outreach and that every squirrel will find it’s nut every now and again. 


What do I suggest someone do with that much time on his or her hands? 


How about learn how you can stop scrolling on flakebook or instascam and use that time to create pages easily like this on your smartphone. 


Do it even on your lunch breaks that your 9-5 gives you out of the goodness of their hearts.. Uhm.. it’s actually the law, but you already knew that. 


I’ve been talking about Rapid Mobile Commissions for a few emails now, and the reason I keep telling you about it is that it’s really a great training I believe is worth more than… 


Spamming people that leave you comments on your Shopify store. 


That’s a whole other story one day, that I will tell you about my first foray into that new level of dante’s inferno – Shopify.


Story for another email, but for now…


Check out Rapid Mobile Commissions 


You’ll be pleasantly surprised and it’s better than being a squirrel looking for a nut in the middle of winter!

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