Just last night I saw this

woman playing guitar while singing beside man playing bass guitar near microphone

Just last night I saw this

Went to a live show on Friday night, so technically it was a “couple” of days ago, but you know how the weekends are. Anyways, I was at this outdoor music show and I was doing the people watching thing while I listened to the music. 


There were a lot of people who were scrolling on their phones while the band was playing.  That made me think about a few things. 


One thing came to mind was that people would rather look at a screen than face a real person.


Secondly that there are greenbacks to be made still on social media.


Not talking about relying on social media platforms, but more like making moolah from them in other ways. Ways outside of setting up another flakebook group, or sending another fakebook message. Ever. 


Using Facesmash as only an example, as that seems to be where “everyone” congregates these days. 


You will believe it once you see it. Yeah, that sounds weak to say, but it’s the truth. 


I’ve always said never put your eggs into a platform.


But you can still leverage it for your own good. 


Of course you will need the training and all the goodies or how to’s. 


If you are interested in any of what I’m saying, you’ll want to check out this quiz soon. See if you qualify to do this easy social media moolah making. 


Check out this Short Quiz; 

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