Is it really that hard to believe, or are you lying to yourself?

💥 Is it really that hard to believe, or are you lying to yourself?
👉 The new normal won’t be you going to a regular job
👉 Facts say that in the next decade most jobs will be robots
👉 You will likely be George Jetson; kind of cool I guess?!
Here are some facts, we are in a pandemic, and people are just tired of staying at home 😲
💥 Many more will die as most people are ignorant to the fact on how a pandemic spreads
Most j-o-b infrastructure was never prepared for what I’ve known since ‘06 🤯 😳 😲
💥 Money of the future comes from online entrepreneur’s and crazy as it sounds …
Ideas that are not trash because I’ve seen some trash that became gold 🗑
💥 What I find hilarious are those that still call it the dreaded “s” word (scam)
Oh sure, everyone now knows that gurus are being exposed as greedy scum 🔍👀
💥 But truthfully I made money online way before, like back in ‘06 but was talked out of it 🤨
The people closest to you never believe it, and they want you to just “stop it”🔥
💥 Stop what? Being a little bit older and ahead of the game? Coulda, shoulda, woulda…
It goes without saying, this is it. We are living in a new normal as they like to say 😳 😲
💥 Normal will dictate most folks earn online, and the other folks left to run the manual labor bots
If they’re lucky, they’ll be re-trained to run the coal mine 🕳️ robots, the picker robots, etc.
💥 Not all bots are manual labor bots, some robots serve humans, like the automated assistant AVA
Like last Friday found out that I can even drink, pass out and still get $100 from AVA 👍
💥 Sure beats any DUI or crazy stuff, safe in my home making $100, sleeping off a drunk💲
You are in disbelief because “everyone” keeps telling you this online stuff is all just a “scam” 👀
💥 You could be learning a skill, yet all you wanted to do was leave your house
(in the middle of a pandemic because the guberment is panicking)
💥 Time to really give your protest more voice and flip the finger to “the man”
Commit to AVA 🤖 the TextBot that will help you earn money online to the tune of $100 🔥
💥 Isn’t it time you listen to ME instead of giving me your EXCUSE? 😲
Isn’t it time you just did something about that? 🤯
💥 This one simple thing to make money
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