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Is Email Marketing Like Beating a Dead Horse?

Why Do We Believe in Email

Why do we believe in email? Is Email Marketing dead like a dead cat bounce? It’s been around since the beginning of the internet. The military had it back in 1969. ARPA DARPA net. The year before the epoch, etc.

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While I’ve been a big proponent and fighter that this is the way to make money online. I’m starting to think with all these new innovations in online or cloud-based email systems. We are now beating a dead horse.

Yup, there I said it, email marketing has essentially become a dead horse to most people. Check out some of your spam lately. It’s all these spammers buying up lists of emails and loading them into a fancy dancy cloud-based email system. One they likely bought off of certain affiliate platforms or created themselves.

The problem is, I have NOT signed up on ANY EMAIL list for well over 2 years!

That means you bought my email and it’s been flung around like a whore. Sent to you by an email spammer from Nigeria and elsewhere. Daily I’m unsubscribing from them. Just to let them know I could care less and that they are nothing but mass email spammers.

While I Could Go On About This …

Death of email, I’m not going to. I’m going to cut it short. Everything is still out there, and email isn’t the only way you can make money online. In fact, if you are smart enough to have seen the end coming, you would have pivoted.

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Now I have not given up my Aweber account. Nor have I given up on building a legit list of people interested in the make-money-online world. I’ve pretty much resigned to the fact at hand. If you ain’t in that 1st or 2nd wave of peeps who build their list and cultivated their customer base.

You are SOL.

With that being said, what can you do?

Right Now There is a Thing Called 7-second videos…

I’m sure you have heard of the rage of the 7-second time we live in. The attention span of a mouse we humans online are living in these days. It’s quite sad, but it’s the truth. Hey, I’m not telling you anything new right now!

That’s fine, why does everything have to be so shiny and new?

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Creating 7-second videos that people like are a pita (pain in the a$s). Creating enough content, it’s a real pain for 7-second videos you are going to post and hope people like.

No worries, that’s what I’m sharing with you. ChatGPT account and Canva are FREE. You can spit out massive amounts of 7-second videos and post them on the fly.

I outlined the entire process in this video here.

Not charging you a dime for that information! Would appreciate a nice comment, like and subscribe to the channel if you will.

The Video is here and is a “how to tutorial” – ChatGPT and Canva [30 Minutes] Create YouTube Shorts

Pssst… You can watch here: