Inside a devious mind

Inside a devious mind

Have you seen all the conspiracy sites on this covid-19 yet or are you looking for them? 

The reason I bring this up right now is that people love a great conspiracy over making moolah;

I’m guessing (wild guess!) by now, well it’s late when you get this email, you are …

… half way through a 6 pack and surfing for more conspiracy news.

Which is sad as the real pain is why none of these make moolah methods are working for YOU!

Did I hit the nail on the head there?

You know Dan used to think the same way, until he stopped and realized what was wrong.

The thing wrong isn’t any guru product you bought, but more like you deciding when enough.

(is enough!)

Yup.. you have the tools and the knowledge to take it all the way to the bank;


Mark Z

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