I’m so dang broke man…

💥 I’m so dang broke man…


I can do it next paycheck.. 🤔


💥 Maybe soon…


I have no money… 🙄


💥 Maybe tomorrow… this one gets me the most. There is no such thing as tomorrow. Funny thing is, someone actually replied to an email yesterday saying he had a tomorrow and it was better than mine. 


What does that even mean? I have no clue what that guy was trying to say but I know this much. I was once like you. How many people don’t believe this is the reason why I’m writing this. Keep reading or if you are listening to the podcast version, then listen up.  👍


💥 Years ago I figured out that I could make money offline pretty easily.  I did that back in the 90’s before it was really popular by some stupid “reality” tv show… you know what I’m referring too?


Storage Wars! Yup. That worked for me for a bit. I was pulling in like $1100 a day selling other people’s abandoned stuff. Junk mostly, but sometimes some pretty decent junk. Can you say “Beanie Baby Collectors”? Again, this was in like ~1993. I knew from that moment on, that the only way to be truly free was to make your own business or make your own money. 💲


💥 The bad thing is I had a partner that was unemployed at the time, and we did a few entrepreneurial things together. Lawn service was one of them. Not sure if anyone is old enough to remember, but do you recall the 1-900 and 1-976 craze?! Yeah, been there too. 😂


What happened? Well long story short, my buddy got his regular “j-o-b” back and he wanted out. Wanted the regular “trade money for time” thing (j-o-b).  👍


💥 Too bad no one ever told him the truth about that. J-O-B = Just Over Broke … something I learned years early before even meeting that dude. It’s the truth. How many of you that have that j-o-b are barely getting by? Living paycheck to paycheck?


Anyways… Did I continue buying storage lockers or doing other side business type of things? Nope. That was a big mistake, but hey, the internet was not quite there yet. They were still using “finger, archie, ftp, newsgroups, etc.” BBS’ were the thing still.. Bulletin Board Systems – they had fidonet email (almost like email). 😎


💥 Let’s get out of the past and come to the present. Why are you so “broke” right now? Well it’s your mindset. I can 100% guarantee you are not broke. If you are listening to this or reading this, you aren’t broke. You’re actually so darn rich, you don’t realize that you are literally checking this out on thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment.  👍


Have you figured it out yet? Your mindset is playing tricks on you. That’s why I’ve been telling you about this easy way to make $100 over and over again. In fact that’s only part of it. Let’s say you need someone to do repetitive tasks, well that’s called a virtual assistant! You know how much they cost?  💲


💥 For a good one, and I’m not being racist here, that is USA based and fluent in English – it can cost you upwards of $70 a hour! Now if you really want to be broke, start paying that out for repetitive tasks that my AI Virtual assistant can do!


Not only can my AVA do that, AVA can spit out $100 commissions to you within a few hours after signing up. Don’t believe me? Well that’s what I’ve been telling you this entire time. You need to fix that mindset.  👍


💥 The choice is yours entirely.  You can remain mindset broke or you can take advantage of this great time we live in and watch this concise presentation on AVA by going here…

=> https://solomanz.cc/100buxBySMS <=


Rather see it in action, text – AVA to 518-675-0589 😱


💥 Again, it’s up to you to change your mindset and quit thinking you are broke. You are not. You are reading this or listening to it.


TextAVA to 518-675-0589  👍

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