I-70 Pile Up Missouri

Here are the I-70 Pile Up Missouri videos for February 15th 2019. The re-mix is posted first as then you can hear that I took all those quotes from the real video – the non-remix version.

Tragic accident that happened in Missouri on Friday February 15th 2019.

NEW: Just added the EP (extended play) or Dance Re-Mix version…

Above is the re-mix of the I-70 Pile Up Missouri February 15th 2019.

This is the actual I-70 Pile Up Video, non-remix, just added some music to it.

The above is the actual I-70 Pile Up video. I just added some music as the crunching of the crashes is brutal sounding.

In Conclusion…

It’s sad that someone had to lose their life in this incident. I may create another remix today as I’m not 100% happy with the above (first video) remix. I just always wanted to do one, and yesterday I so happened to have the time.

Here are the videos on YouTube, the Re-Mix and here is the Pile Up video. Please comment on the videos, like, subscribe to the YT channel, etc. This is a very very old YT channel I have. My other channels are listed on the right side of the page (the active ones) – Psycho FreakShow (conspiracy, gematria, etc), EDR Videos (women working out, workout motivation), Nuclear Inbox (make money online).

The weather here in Missouri isn’t that fun right now, and I stayed in!


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