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How you keep losing, over and over again

How you keep losing, over and over again

In about 2015 I started this online journey with a Shopify store, and after a few months, I made some sales. 

Yes, I’ve actually started out making $$$ online with an eCom store. 

Now the point of this is to tell you how you can break the cycle, and I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about this.

It’s not that you haven’t found something that works, I can almost bet that 99.9% of you have made some $$$ online.

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Not sure what you did to make those greenbacks, but you did and then guess what?

You got unfocused and decided to run after something that looked a bit better maybe.

Something flashy, and looked like it was making “everyone” more moolah.

This happened to me, and I took my eye off the ball.

Instead of increasing my knowledge about Shopify and eCom and how to run ads, etc.… I did a hard left turn into this.

What I’m currently doing is affiliate marketing and email marketing.

But let’s pause with that thought, as after I took that hard left turn, I didn’t know what I was doing there either, made a few bucks, but instead of doubling down and getting serious…

You guessed it, I decided to buy a course on how to rip off YouTube content and rebrand it as my own, get my channel monetized to make some YT bucks.

And then… 

Once again I took a sharp left turn right back into what I’m doing now. 

Hold on, and I was going to stay “focused” or so I told myself, but then I met some really cool people who had another thing.

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I went there, and got away from doing this, and started doing their thing which taught me a bit more about sales, etc… 

And yes, once again I made pretty decent money at it, but I was still not committed to it, and once again… 

I did that left turn and started doing this again, gave up real quickly and did something else, came back to this…

And so on and so forth.

That’s exactly how you keep losing, over and over again.

I’m going to be straight with you, I’m tired after ~8 years of bouncing around only to end up here again. 

That is why I’m back to doing affiliate marketing or if you want to be honest, email marketing.

List building correctly, and using a real piece of software that works well for a funnel builder, autoresponder, and tagging. 

That is one tip I want to give for sure – Track Track Track!!!

You must start tracking everything you do so as to not end up losing the advantage or deleting emails that might be gold.

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One of the main things I learned in 2020 while still vagabonding around is this saying …

“People only buy when they are ready to buy, and they only buy when they are ready to buy”

That means you can hit a customer up with 90 emails of the same product, and then all of a sudden on email 91 (from someone else) … 

… they buy the product and that person gets the commission.

It’s how it works, people only buy when they are ready to buy.

The best product to do tracking, emailing, and funnel building is the one I”m promoting.

You can get your copy of it for FREE. 

Literally, you can start using it full-on for FREE.

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