How to Make Money Online from Home

How to Make Money Online from Home

how to make money online from home

It’s really simple when you think about it. Too many people try to make it more complex than it is.

They wave course after course at you. You find out that there is really only one way to make money online. 

How to Make Money Online from Home

That way is as follows; more in depth on this in other posts.

1. Traffic – First thing you need and will always need this. Your supply of traffic. The best traffic is your email list. That is the key to make money online. 

But most courses will tell you “No list needed”. That is what you call an oxymoron or catch-22.

The chicken and the egg theory. That is your first introduction to the confusion that is intentionally set up by gooroos.

2. Funnel – Now we are talking. I’m not referring to expensive funnel builders that offer you slick and polish. You need a landing page with an opt in. You can ge ClickFunnels for sure, but if you ain’t making money with it – ditch it.  Full disclosure, that is a 14 day trial link

How to Make Money Online from Home

3. Autoresponder – This is a must. There are several out there, I personally use Aweber, but GetResponse is a good option as well as several other ones.

You need it for step#2 – to have your opt-in form.

4. Copywriting skills – You basically need to learn this. Probably one of the best trainings I have promoted and now use all the time.

5. Determination – You can’t give up. It’s going to be a lot of learning and many mistakes. You can’t quit if you want to make money online. 

In conclusion, it can be done, but you have to be willing to take the first steps. More soon, but more can be done if you simply just do it!


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