How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

The Instagram Way

Now many of you know what Instagram is. For those that don’t, you are missing the boat on traffic generation.

How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

First and foremost, you must do this daily. You can simply post pictures or actually whatever you like.

Make your Bio link go to an offer or landing page (preferred). Then hashtag the heck out of the post.

The hashtags will then drive traffic to the link in the bio. Pretty simple. Traffic for affiliate marketing couldn’t be any easier than this!

Why doesn’t everyone do it?

Because most people quit. They like to give up.

Pinterest Traffic

First if you don’t have one, get one. It’s similar to Instagram as you post pictures.

The big difference is you can actually link the picture to the product. That’s great for doing affiliate product sales.

How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Direct linking is something you can’t do with Instagram. Both ways work. This way gets your traffic for affiliate marketing as well as ecom or anything!

Remember in the last post I said I would talk about traffic. Both of these methods work.

Buying Ads

I currently am not a fan of Facebook Ads. They have banned me once again. I have gone to their support chat, and still banned.

Not a big fan at all, as they won’t even let me remove my businesses off of there. With affiliate marketing, you have to have traffic for affiliate marketing and not all PPC networks will allow it. Bing (now Microsoft Ads) will allow you to send traffict to affiliate marketing offers. 

How to Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

I’m currently doing PPC and we shall see. The nice thing about buying ads of course (paid traffic) is that you don’t have to worry about several things.

You post your banner or text ad, put in your affiliate link and pay the money.


However you do it, you need traffic. Once you get traffic you can utilize things like this. Learn how to write great copy and your emails (your list) will give you all the traffic you need.

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