How to Create a Landing Page

How to Create a Landing Page

For this you will need a website. It doesn’t even have to be a domain. You can in fact use a free site.

It’s better to have your own website or domain. It gives you better credibility. Gives you more flexibility to create a landing page. 

How to Create a Landing Page

You will need a couple of plugins (free) that will eliminate the top, bottom, and sidebars.This will create a landing page, for really nothing but your time in doing so. 

That way when people go there it looks like a landing page. Use your autoresponder to create the opt in. That’s how you make the most money. From your list. 

How to Create a Landing Page

Then all you need to do is drive traffic to it as shown in the last post. Drive traffic. Build your list.

List Building

All of this goes back to the basics talked about in the first post. Very basic stuff. Yet people constantly get it wrong. Create a Landing Page, sending traffic to it. 

Simple steps to follow, yet people mess it up. All the time. Creating a landing page is something you must learn to do. If you want, get this 14 day from ClickFunnels today. That will at least give you ideas on how to create a landing page. 

Tired of Messing Up?

Then you really should take a look at one of the best training courses that talks about this. I guess you want to hear it from experts. Sending traffic, landing page optimization, emailing your new list. All basic stuff. 

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