How To Crank Out YouTube Videos

You’ve seen all those videos that hype up $100 a day on YouTube

Well guess what? You still have to make videos.

While it’s entirely possible to make good and even great money on YouTube without even appearing on camera, you have to be able to crank out content. And do it in a manner that makes sense.

What do I mean by that?

Like anything else, it’s strictly a numbers game. Don’t expect to have your defining moment by only posting a few videos. Unless the magic fairy blessed you, it’s not happening. You have to grind and get videos out there to the YouTube masses.

It’s time … Time for The Grind!

If you aren’t ready to grind, then all I can say – it’s nice meeting you virtually as you’ll never make it in the cut throat, new star every day, you were last week’s news world of YouTube.

It’s time to go to work, and I pretty much use the same steps for any of my monetized YouTube channels. You have to do this or otherwise you will forget something. I’m going to do a video later, but for now here is the list.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because every single day in my timeline I see videos and terrible promotion as well as terrible execution. I want to help, but since you are not paying me a dime, I’m going to put this together for free. Take it as you wish, it’s the truth.

Many of you think the video is the most important thing. I’m here to tell you…



Are you ready to learn? Have you lost the thought of “the video matters”? 

If you are truly ready, you know by now the video doesn’t really matter. What are you trying to accomplish, whether it’s views, engagement or trying to make adsense money – the video doesn’t matter. 

Here are the steps I take and it works every single video I create. Whether it’s going to be the video that goes along with this blog post, or one of my other videos, it’s all the same. The video doesn’t matter – and here is what matters.

Titles, Tags, Thumbnails

And that is how I approach every single video. I look for keywords that turn into my tags, that help make up my title. 

I then start work on my thumbnail as that is what truly matters on whether or not you get the click. No click, no engagement, no fans, no one sees your “great video”. In fact it could suck and still no one sees it. 

Quit working on your editing skills. You’ll get better in the more videos you crank out. Seriously. It’s a numbers game. The more you push out, the better you get. 


Your Mind is Blown and You Are Crying

Buck up buttercup. Quit whining about what you thought and pay attention. This works, what you are doing doesn’t. Trust me, I see you in my timeline and while the content may be really good, the delivery sucks. 

So listen up, I’m about to do a video and you should watch it. Because I’m going to drop some golden nuggets in it. In fact if you think you don’t want to listen to me because I’m no one, the you should just buy the course from the master of the video game. 

This dude Jordan make bank via videos. He’ll tell you everything. But it’s going to cost ya some moolah. So listen to me for free and quit questioning everything I have to tell you. Nothing worse than a student with stupid questions or trying to push their ignorant agenda. 


Ready to step up your game?

My video will be coming out later. If you really can’t wait or you believe that I’m a really bad teacher of this game.  I really hope you are serious.

For now I highly encourage you to drop your email below and get Jordan’s advanced masterclass. You’ll be glad you did and you can tell me to f’off because I’m still doing it wrong and now you are making bank.

Decision time – drop your email and go get the advanced masterclass course… or just continue to piss all over my timeline with your poorly done thumbnails, terrible promotion, and great videos that no one will ever watch.

The choice is your’s my friend. Pay some money to learn from the best, and his course is more today when I bought it. It’s currently $195. It’s 100% value and well worth it.  Just drop your email below and get it now. I can guarantee it will be higher very soon. 



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