How do brick and mortar places stay in business?

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How do brick and mortar places stay in business?

Sometimes I wonder if brick and mortar businesses are intentionally trying to sabotage themselves on purpose. 


Earlier today I received a call from a place where I cancelled an appointment over a week ago. 


I’m sure many of you have had the same experience, maybe not, but still the same. 


For one thing, I couldn’t even cancel the appointment online, I had to pick up the phone and make a call. 


Made me talk to a human. 


That’s all good and well, but then I talked with that “human” over a week ago on Friday, Sept 24th. 


The appointment is for Tuesday, Oct 5th. 


He assured me the appointment was cancelled, and I thanked him and moved on with my day.


Then today, I get this call which went to voicemail and it was the place reminding me of the appointment for Tuesday, Oct 5th!


Well, I was livid, and just a few minutes ago (lucky I made it before 5 pm; you know brick and mortar places), I cancelled my appointment again with a human.


I logged back into that portal to send, you guessed it, an email to another human to follow up with the place to make sure the appointment was really cancelled this time!


When you think about it, that proves my point, the only way action is ever taken online it seems is via email.


In fact, with email, you end up being able to make that human connection. 


This product is one that was quick for me to create, and cheap for you to get. 


You will learn all you need to know to get started in about ~15 minutes. 


Called this one Boneyard Magic, but it’s really not magic, only just basic information to know.


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