How did this happen?

How did this happen?

How did this happen?

There are times you start thinking of things a regular job could do to you;

What are they going to do to ya, take your birthday away!?

I used to say that all the time when it came down to things a j-o-b could do to you.

They can do anything pretty much except take your birthday away, right?

Well it happened to me personally, and no the old 9-5 didn’t do that to me!

Real quick story here, but I was adopted as a baby and just recently found my birth family.

This was due to the DNA technology used by Ancestry dot com. 

Cool stuff, but long story short, I started chatting with my birth father and found out …

… yes for real, that my birthday which I always thought was May 27th was not my birthday!

Talk about shockers as in reality I was born 2 weeks earlier and I’m actually a Taurus

… and not a Gemini as I always thought. I was born Today May 13th!

That really happened and if it wasn’t for the technology of DNA I would have never known.

Reminds me of how far technology has come for simple things like bulk email services;

Back in the day, you had to have your own server or buy a bunch of clean IP addresses to bulk email.

You had to pray that the people you were emailing didn’t get your server(s) marked as bad.

Of course eventually bigger services took over the bulk email game and things were good.

Until of course the bad eggs ruined whatever server you were assigned too…

… and you got it – no more inboxing, less bux being made and you slammed your head to desk!

Now while I haven’t made the switch, to be 100% transparent, as I’m on a good Aweber server.

(At least for now!)

You can take that leap of faith and pay less money out with no monthly fees…

… and you can say “no limits” to your email marketing.

You have the power with your sign up to ProfitMail;


Mark Z

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