Five Minute Funnel and Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

Five Minute Funnel and Laptop Lifestyle Funnel

Five Minute Funnel and Laptop Lifestyle Funnel is a 100% self serving post that will talk about two funnels I’d like you to check out soon. It’s a funnel-tastic read if you have a few minutes. 

What is a funnel?

Well first off we are not talking about the type of funnel that you use to cook with or change your car oil with. While those are funnels, they are not the type we are referring too in this blog post. They are rather cool looking though if you can get a set like below.

Funnel You, Funnel Me
Funnel You, Funnel Me

While those are some cool looking funnels that you could use to cook, change oil, move small amounts of liquid from one container to another, they are not the funnels we are talking about. In fact, there are other funnels that look the same but are not the same.

The affiliate marketing funnel.

This is the funnel I’m referring too. In a direct way, it is shaped the same as the above pictures, but at the same time, the effect is much different yet the same.

Funnel You, Funnel Me
Funnel You, Funnel Me

This post is your basic fluff post to send you to two of the funnels I’m currently promoting. One is called the 5 minute funnel. It’s totally free to join and if you can drive the right traffic to it, you’ll make some money.

Another funnel is one I created to help you get started in affiliate marketing called my Laptop Lifestyle funnel. It’s kind of cool, and you should check it out too.

Whether it’s a Funnel You or a Funnel Me, you have the funnels I’m talking about now.

Why are you writing this post?

Again this is a 100% self serving post. I want you to go check out the totally free 5 minute funnel, and then consider looking at my created for you (CFY) Laptop Lifestyle funnel.

Why do I want you looking at those? Because those are examples of funnels that I’m referring too.

Funnel You, Funnel Me
Funnel You, Funnel Me
In conclusion you should give either one a try…

The 5 Minute Funnel it’s totally free to check out. Could make you some affiliate commissions.

Laptop Lifestyle Funnel something I created which should help a few newbie affiliate marketers.


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