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Festivals of mud and red pill thoughts

Festivals of Mud and Red Pill Thoughts

Festivals of mud and red pill thoughts

As I sit here and prepare myself for day 2 of 2 days of fun, BBQ, bourbon, and music at a festival known as Evolution Festival; the inaugural 1st year music festival in Forest Park in St Louis…

It lends me a moment to think back on what I was talking about in my last email to you.

Did you get a chance to read that one yet? 

Well the more I thought about it, the angrier I became on how the masses have fallen under a spell of the MSM, mainstream media for those that didn’t read my last email, and have fallen in line like a goose-stepping soldier from the 1930s.

You know what I am talking about.

No one questions why or what they are trying to get you to do.

Do you remember the lockdowns of 2020? 

And all the “mandatory vaccines” or “lose your job”.

Then come to find out, no one is liable, people are dying; just research it, people are literally dying before they needed to because of the poison they injected or were forced to get injected.

Why did they do that?

You’ve seen the videos, just do the research, The goose-stepping soldiers all just fell in line, like poorly done WW2 theatrical presentations.

The MSM had everyone hook line and sinker believing the lies and saying the truth was a lie.

It’s classic… You got it… 1984 big brother’ism.

That makes me sad and it should make you sad and angry. 

While the radical leftist, let’s be 100% honest – communist brainwashed people of society, go about their business of eradicating America, there are a few who will stand up and say the truth.  

One of them is a local guy that I watch on YouTube and am a subscriber to the newsletter – Andy Frisella. 

That guy is a baller and he takes no sh*t. None.

He is telling it like it is, and I know what most of you are thinking, “He is so WHITE DUDE … a flippin’ racist!” 

Ok, tell me why his co-host DJ is a black guy and on yesterday’s show they flew up a White Supremacist Latina lady named Laura from Miami who is a local podcaster and advocate of everything that is America!

Again proof positive that the MSM has brainwashed you into believing that Andy Frisella is a white supremacist racist pos. 

Do you now see how the MSM has it all wrong and they are the ones that are out to destroy America? 

This leads me back to why you are on this email list, not to listen to what I believe in, but to learn about making $$$ online.

This is another example, just in the same way that online marketers are out there trying to sell you the latest TikTok, Insta, WhatsApp, Facebook, AI ChatGPT, and Google Bard methods, of how what you think is the truth really isn’t the truth.

side view of unrecognizable guy smoking cigarette on balcony
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When it comes down to it, there probably isn’t a better course or method than learning the one thing that I have been trying to get you to grasp.

Email marketing when promoting affiliate products is the way to make those $ signs start to show up online.

This isn’t some sort of pie-in-the-sky method, where if you check any of the mentioned methods above, I can guarantee you that most are going to show you one thing but sell you another.

The other thing they are selling you?

It’s the same thing – it’s about getting traffic and building an email list and oh.. guess what, you then do the same exact thing this course or method teaches!!

Drives me bonkers just like how the real world is today and how the MSM is lying to you.

One and the same about these supposed “new” methods where in the end, you will still need to learn how to do the basics. 

There is only one way though to make progress online, and that is to get started. 

Take Action <==

The above is the best way to get started and take massive action!