Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!

Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!

Emoji Traffic is the latest product from bareknuckle marketing master Aidan Corkery and  the young uncrowned future king of internet marketing Rahim Farhouni. There was absolutely no way I could pass up this opportunity to promote this product; you’ll see what I mean in a minute. 

Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!
Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!

In a nutshell, the video training is outstanding and very detailed. Rahim has been testing this for awhile now as evidenced by the below screenshots. If you wonder why I wanted in on this product, it should be quite apparent as my name is all over his early case studies. Bravo! If nothing else, Emoji traffic just put my seriously awkward name on the map of internet marketing starting Monday July 30th 2018 at 10am EST (when you can buy this!).

Even though it’s not live until then, click through below on my Buy Now button to one – go and lock in the bonuses, and two – to see a small preview of the inside. This will show you how amazing this course is!

Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!
Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!

That is straight from the sales page folks. I appreciate the 15 minutes, but let’s get on with why you want this course or training. Why? It’s pretty simple, this has to be the simplest method to generate traffic and get people to your posts. Hands down. Easy. If you use it just to gain people to interact with your content, then at least you’ll be starting that slow walk to to running fast soon enough.

Will it work for me? Nothing works for me!

Yo dude, take that negative Nancy stuff away from this post. I won’t have any of it! Listen up. They have more than your usual 1 or 2 lame, could be fake, likely fake case studies. They have 4 of them. They range from $50 to a 2 part $997 case study.

Really goes into depth. The training videos are also very concise. If you follow and apply the knowledge, in other words take some freakin’ action – you’ll see some differences. On the other hand, if you let this course sit bookmarked under your training courses folder, well, you know how that goes!

But those guys are superstars in the internet marketing arena. Everything they do turns to gold!

You gotta remember that Aidan was a school teacher a year ago. Rahim was just figuring things out. These two did it, so can you. You just have to believe in yourself. Without belief, you’ll never get anywhere. These guys are practically handing you a tool that everyone is already using. Psssttt… haven’t you noticed yet? All the emojis showing up in the weirdest posts.

Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!
Emoji Traffic Review + BONUSES!

Now you want to know what these four case studies are. Here is how it’s laid out. Pay attention, they are actually all really good to check out. The official list of the case studies:

Case Study 1: $50 one; you are thinking — sure it’s likely your usual “seen this before … “$50″ case study; ie fake AF”

Hold on now. It seemed pretty real to me. But I get it. If you have bought courses before that never delivered or fell short, you have seen those “Make $50 tonight…. ” so called “case studies”.

On one hand, you feel that way, but here is where they guys kicked it up a notch.

Case Study 2: $150 one – is a 3 parter. You with me? They spend time really digging into the $150 one. Where most people really want to be sooner than later. Why would they dig that deep on a case study?

Case Study 3: $339 one – One that Aidan did personally. Why is it that oddball number? Duh. It’s real AF!

Case Study 4: $997 one – You’ll see it on the inside, Part 1 and Part 2. This again breaks down where people want to be soon.

This all sounds interesting, but should I get the OTO’s and what are they?

OTO1$47 – DFY Bundle : You will be receiving the EXACT marketing tools and resources Aidan personally use to make money using the Emoji method.

OTO2$37 – Advanced Training : This is the over the shoulder OTO and shows you different channels such as Snapchat, FB Live, FB Group, GIF/Meme and Loops. 

OTO3$67 – Reseller Rights : One cautionary piece of advice here, as many of you think, hey I’ll scroll and just say “No Thanks…” and get their downsell price. Uhm, sorry amigo – there is NO downsell price on this OTO. At least not at this time. 

All right, I want this, but what about these BONUSES???

Personally speaking, I don’t think I’ll ever understand people that throw out $9 gazillion in bonuses. Most of which will stay cluttered on your hard drive folder to gather dust.

The guys however threw us all a bone and included some nice ones. Those will be included in my my bonus pack which you will get when you buy via my link. Furthermore, the bonuses that were included were how Aidan got to where he is today. His journey to internet marketing superstardom. These include Easy Pi, Bare Knuckle Marketing (Aidan’s journey to his first $4k) and Click Rate Fusion

Do you have anything else? I mean everyone is going to include those easy peasy bonuses!

While yes indeed. I’m trying to give everyone my eBook masterpiece away. It actually fits in perfectly as an addition to this fine emoji traffic course.

I’m also going to to throw in my curated 67 page eBook called Free Traffic Bible – that covers a lot of things such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.. things not covered in this course of other places you could use this Emoji traffic method.

I plan to make a video review soon, and I will be posting it below embedded in this post. I did this using the method I learned on the product Mobilee (thanks Jono and Jonas for creating a cool product giving people a mobile way of doing product reviews).

You can click through below on the Buy Now button, as it will take you to another page with more info. You can’t technically purchase this until Monday July 30th 2018 at 10am EST.

Feel free to click the button below though to learn even more about Emoji traffic! In conclusion so you don’t forget where to get this, you should click the Buy Now button now to learn even more.


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