Email loves you, but do you love it?

Email loves you, but do you love it?

Email loves you, but do you love it?

There is definitely a love hate relationship with email;

From my point of view, it’s the way I earn a few bux online.

You see it as something you must check all the time…

… you are seen checking email daily, hourly, it’s always ON.

Most people now have email literally at their fingertips via their phones. 

There is no denying it, as many people still believe that it’s …

… social media that will rule, and yes it does, but the daily reach of email is what keeps marketers on top of their game.

That is the one thing that marketers love about email! 

Everyone checks it and reads it many times a day but… 

… how do you grow a huge list and email everyone you want; 

Well that is where ProfitMailer comes in;

  • Start Mailing TODAY

  • No Monthly fees

  • No Limits

  • Cloud based

  • Mobile responsive

  • Unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists!

One of the old school ways of doing bulk email is via one of the services out there like Aweber or GetResponse… 

… and I personally do not use GetResponse since their open rate went way down. 

How does that happen? 

Well once a service gets to the point of a lot of people using it, you’ll get your non-compliant types. 

They cause an IP address to get blacklisted, and …

… yup, your email never sees any inbox but only spam or promotions!

While I need to be 100% transparent, I haven’t moved over to it …

… yet, because I just heard about ProfitMailer.

You have an immense advantage of giving it a go;

Happy Emailing…


Mark Z



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