Earn Money from Home Friday

Earn Money from Home Friday

Earn Money from Home Friday

One of the gurus I respect in regards to doing the earn money from home thing.  These are very important tips to remember as I tend to forget things from time to time. 

Earn Money from Home Friday

Now I have told other people wanting to learn how to earn money from home what the important tips are such as … 

people buy when they are ready to buy, and only when they are ready to buy.  Doesn’t matter how you try to convince them, they will buy when they are ready. 

That’s the hard thing about email marketing in general. It’s basically watching paint dry. Seriously.

You can send emails on a schedule; which is the preferred way for any email marketer to do things! But no matter if you think the email has a great copy or mundane copy, it doesn’t really matter. See the statement above. 

If that person you are reaching is not ready, they’ll gloss over it, maybe not even click the link to your bridge page or direct link to the vendor sales page.  That sale won’t happen. 

Here is the reason I’m telling you this at all. This week I’m promoting two pretty hot offers. One is selling like gangbusters, which was yesterday’s post

Guess what? Up until last night, I hadn’t sold one FE copy. Not a one. 

The tip or thing to remember on this one is that:

Never compare yourself to other affiliate marketers or email marketers” You are only in competition with yourself that is it.  The other JV’s on the same offer might be doing a lot better. But hey, if you got a sale, that’s great. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Earn Money from Home Friday

I personally tend to forget that rule a lot. I’ll have a few days where everything I try doesn’t seem to work at all. In fact, it seems if you are regressing in your progress as an affiliate or email marketer. You start to doubt if you can “really do this” when you know you can. 

That brings me up to the next tip:

If it’s working, don’t mess with it. Now that seems quite obvious, but I tend to screw that one up a lot. lol. Seriously, I’ll have something working and I say to myself…

well maybe if you try this, it will be better” LMAO and it usually never IS.  Or worse you’ll go, I really like running ads and maybe this time they will work better, and usually – they never DO.  

At the end of the day, you end up spending more effort (and MONEY) on sh*t that flat only provides a minimal return on investment (ROI). 

What is the takeaway from this blog post? 
  1. Remember that when you are an email marketer, you just need to keep trying to get that click to the bridge or vendor sales page. That is your J-O-B – to quote Metallica – “Nothing Else Matters” – Period. 
  2. This isn’t “sports” or any type of competition. You are building a business. A business where numbers rule. 
  3. Stick with what works and quit trying to outguess yourself, especially on stuff you know doesn’t provide the ROI you want. 

Again, I fail to do all 3 things all the time. Then I get back on track and everything works. I happen to know what works, and while I hate to admit it, and other people will say BS, it’s the truth. It does work and when I do it it makes decent money for a side income that you can grow to FT. 

Here is the thing, and I’ve said this before, I’ve been doing this a while now.  I’m no overnight success. If you go to my Fakebook profile you’ll see I’ve only been on there since January 2021. That is a LIE. Flakebook shut my account down in January after over 12 years of having an account. 

They never fully disclosed why, but they at least zipped up my 6 GB of pictures and data and let me have it. While that was a real pain in the rear, because it’s not in any real searchable format, I still got it back. 

Now that you are fully aware of the full reason I don’t like social media much, while yes, there is more to tell (maybe some other blog post). I’m on the different socials as you can see on the right side.  But I don’t really fully trust them much. I can’t control them or have my own rules, like this blog (own the domain, paid for the hosting!) as well as my email lists

That is the main beauty of doing email marketing is you control it. Some will argue, but what if your autoresponder service shuts you down? No worries, I have had my own autoresponder built and am using it to get it in the good graces of the internet email gods. 

If the big autoresponder companies shut me down, I can easily move all my leads to the one I had built. It’s getting warmed up properly and should have no issues if that ever happens to be an inboxing email autoresponder. 

Back to the start again 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be building up my name as an email marketer once again. When that happens, and again it takes time and a work ethic to get to that level, I am yet again approved for two great offers. The bad part about all of this is that sometimes, as I talked about in another recent blog post, you have what I’ll nicely term as “tire kickers with attitude”;

I straight away respond (helps with the autoresponder inboxing) and I also just unsubscribe them. Sometimes they already found that link and did so themselves. Other times they are still subscribed, but I’d just rather not deal with them at this point. 

Now many of you are likely thinking “Oh no, you probably paid for that lead!” – yes I did. Not probably, I 100% did pay for that lead either via my T1 leads or solo ads/leads that I bought.

I’d just rather not spend my time trying to get “free traffic” to work.  The main reason I don’t want free traffic is that it costs me a few things. 1. My Time. 2. Most free traffic leads are “Tire Kickers

When you start out, you’ll do free traffic.  In fact, my Twitter, Quora, Fakebook, and Insta accounts are all about trying to get in that free traffic. LOL.

Yeah, that’s worked out really well – NOT! I have never had any sales via a Quora click. Nor a Tweet, and the only thing that works for Flakebook is one thing, and that again takes MY TIME.  I may discuss what really works or what product really works for Fakebook. 

Here is the deal, you probably think I’m just a pissed-off old guy. hahah… I kind of am that pissed-off old guy screaming at kids to get off my lawn (not really). LMAO. 

The truth of the matter is that I’m older and wiser. I don’t like to waste my time as I get towards the next age date celebration (birthday), I realize that all that really matters is TIME. Your TIME. MY TIME.  We all have the same amount of it. 

When your time is up, that’s it. You are out of time! Period. End of your life, End of story. 

So that brings me around to this. If there was a way to save time it would be to know all the secrets. Stuff you learn over years, that’s right – YEARS. If you are just getting started, don’t expect to earn money from home tomorrow (you might). 

You however likely won’t! That’s the truth.

BUT …  if you are ready to dig into something (FOCUS!) where secrets are revealed. Something where if you focus in on it for 90 days at the very minimum, I’ll bet that this will work for you;

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