Driving while looking like a Mexican drug mule

Driving while looking like a Mexican drug mule

💥 Driving while looking like a Mexican drug mule

All of these little stories are true and in this high state of BLM, figured I’d throw down my 2 cents
The year was 1990 something and I was leaving California for what I figured was the last time 

💥 Loaded up the Ryder truck, and looking like a rockstar with hair down to my ass I climbed on in
The drive went rather well, I had a pocketful of cash I had stashed from being a bartender and the wife at the time (ex-wife now), my two toddlers at the time, were headed cross country.

The destination was St Louis Missouri around where I grew up as a teenager; came of age, left there when I was 18 for the US Navy, etc. Full circle back in the middle of “fly over country”. 💸

💥 All we had was in that Ryder truck. Towing our early 1980 something Honda hatchback, and a wad of cash in the cab with everything that really mattered, my wife(ex) and my two boys.

While we had zero timeline, we had to focus on building a new life so we couldn’t make it a leisurely ~2500 mile drive, we made one stop and we were going full bore. 🤨

💥 We left somewhere in southern Colorado where we had stopped on day 1, and were motoring for 20+ hours straight and it was my turn to drive. Figured it should be easy, just going on 70 crossing through the flat state of Kansas.

Somewhere past Leavenworth Kansas, the winds were blowing really hard; Kansas has like zero trees, and flat open land for those that have never been there. 😳

💥 The wind was quite strong and not being a straight truck driver towing a vehicle I was having a hard time staying in my lane. That was noticed by a Kansas State trooper. He pulled up alongside the driver’s side, I looked down at him with my unshaven face and growing a fu manchu at the time and he slowed down and jumped behind me…

… yup… lights went on and I was being pulled over, or profiled I’m sure as Driving while looking like a Mexican drug mule. You may laugh, but it was no laughing matter. 😡

💥 I had to actually open up the back of the truck, which I warned him that a couch might fall out on him; at the time I was hoping not, and looking back I wished it would have!

But after he looked inside and figured out (thank goodness my wife(ex) was full on anglo saxon or a typical WHITE woman), he kind of shook his head, as you can practically see his racist thoughts going through his head; I don’t think I need to say what I believe he was thinking. 😕🤬

💥 You have to remember, this was a Kansas State Trooper, a stereotypical 6 foot something former white athlete that didn’t probably quite make the cut to the “pro ball”. But hey, did you see that? I just racially profiled HIM!

It goes both ways, because America is a country that is born and bred on racism. And while I’m a person of very mixed racial ethnicity, I’ve been profiled and also as you see above, make racial profiling assumptions too. 😡🤬😳

💥 Back to the story though, he took my license (which was expired!) and wrote me up a ticket for that and for weaving or driving erratically. Let me go and we were on our way.

Most of the above thoughts were not in my mind at the time, though with my expired license I thought for a split second “Switch seats!” lol… Yeah, that would have gone over well! You see I had already been profiled as driving while looking like a Mexican drug mule. 😳

💥 Now even though it hurts to know the truth about America it can’t stop you from staying motivated and keep striving to better yourself.

Once I arrived back in St. Louis Missouri, I had to get a job or find work to keep income coming in. One thing I will give kudos to my wife(ex) was that she was and still is to this day a very resourceful woman. She knows how to work the edges of the system perfectly. Heck, she has been doing it her entire adult life at this point. 🤨😳

💥 Well I did the same thing that I had been doing up to the point of the move. I started looking for that next hustle; before I moved I was bartending for money, but shortly before that, I was buying and selling storage lockers.

Now today I don’t have to buy and sell storage lockers, nor bartend for money(unless I feel like it). Why is that? Because the internet has made it all much simpler. In fact one of the most simple ways to make $100 over and over again is below. 🤔

💥 Isn’t it time you quit sitting and looking and start doing?

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