Do you use Quora? (Blueprint for Passive Income Below)

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Do you use Quora? (Blueprint for Passive Income Below)

I want to warn you upfront, this blog post will be super long. 




Because I’m going to give you the secret or the Blueprint that gurus would charge you money for!


For that reason, I’ll let you in on this great app right now, but unless you continue to read, it won’t make sense at all on WHY I’m telling you this.


This next part is pretty detailed, in fact – gurus charge big dollars for you to get this information. 


You are getting it for FREE. 


Below is the entire BLUEPRINT on HOW TO make the app your passive income stream!


Hopefully, you’ll continue to read as I actually use this app.


I along with thousands of other people will swear by this product. 


For one thing, the vendor is a stand-up guy.


Really he truly is. 


About 2 months back the big media company that he and his developer partner were leveraging changed the coding. 


That broke the app. 


Did he just go on about his business as nothing happened? 


Leave all his customers in a lurch? 


Heck no… he got his partner to fix it. 


And it wasn’t cheap for him or easy for his developer to fix. 


It was fixed after a few weeks of being down, but I give 100% respect to him. 


Anyways… this blog post isn’t even close to being over, but I want you to know why I recommend this. 


The deal about the subject line? 


Here it is. 


I use Quora to post answers to all the people asking about how to make money online. 


Today I figured I would just flat give them the step-by-step how-to method that actually works. 




Here goes. 


If you are still looking for something that works




This will work if you dedicate the next 60-90 days minimum to it. 


If you are not willing to do that, then quit reading, don’t bother clicking the link at the top (or end of this blog post) because it won’t help you to make any greenbacks without following these steps


I’m dead serious. 


I’ve been doing this make the money online thing since 2015, I know what I’m talking about. 


Here are the steps or the BluePrint on how to start making those easy passive greenbacks. 


  1. Pick a niche you feel passionate about writing about.  For me, it was unfortunately this one about Making Moooooo LAH online. lol. Why do I say, unfortunately? Because I’m always trying to help people earn online, but so tired of those that don’t even apply what I tell them!
  2. Sign up for a ClickBank account (yeah, it’s FREE)
  3. Make sure you pick ONLY ONE niche and remember you have to do this for 60-90 days minimum!
  4. Go to and sign up for a FREE account and create a FREE WordPress blog
  5. Now go back to ClickBank in the niche you picked and find an offer you think you’d like to sell. Hint: Go to the top of the page and click on “MarketPlace” to start or over on the left side and pick the specific niche. 
  6. Sort the order of the products once you have your list and then filter them by gravity. And pick something from only Page 1 of that niche ONLY. It’s not a competition. Page 1 products are the sellers. Use only a product off of page 1.
  7. Once you find a product, take a look at the sales page (click the product name) and it should open up in a new tab. Copy a few things about the product so you know what to write about. 
  8. Now next to the product is a red promote button. Click that to get your affiliate link. You can fill in the blank part for tracking with things like blogpostJune13 for example; to track where your sales are coming from! Next, use a link shortener such as bitly, tinyurl, etc… and make that link out of your affiliate link. Hint: by now I hope you opened up a Google Sheets (best) or jotted notes down in a notepad. 
  9. Now write your blog post, make sure to use keywords, and have your SEO on the post really tight. Use images, etc… The traditional stuff you can Google about to great blog writing. 
  10. Now for the easy part of this… 


The last step is truly the really easy part




For real, this part is super easy


What you’ll want to do now is get your TrafficZion setup. 


This works 100% if you follow the above blueprint. 


Again, thousands of people are using this app (TrafficZion) to make easy passive income streams. 


You can do this easily, here: 


>>> Pickup TrafficZion Here

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