Did Obama cause all this pain?

Did Obama cause all this pain?

You are likely thinking the same thing about this email right now;

Let’s examine how this all works, Obama, Biden, Trump, Pence…

… yes it’s a political upheaval in which we live these days.

Right now the main pain is that so many people are out of work.

It’s the worst since the great depression, which is a time … 

… your grandparents or great grandparents can tell you about. 

When you look at reality from a distance, you can figure it all out.

Trump and Pence didn’t cause all this pain for you…

… it was really the years leading up to this terrible year called 2020.

(pssst…. Obama and Biden did!)

Now just like politics are just precursors for the reality we currently live in…

… you can also figure out the obvious that new systems are built to be more robust, more inbox-able

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