Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch

Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch

Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch

This is my post launch real world, hands on Destiny Review. That means, I was not part of launch day madness, but I picked it up during the same day from my bud down in the Big D who I refer to as Big D Rob Reece! I’m so glad to have met him in this online marketing space. That dude is legit. Another legit dude is this guy that created this training Jay Kay! Wow.. talk about VALUE!

Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch
Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch

I’m here to tell you. If you haven’t picked up this training, you are missing out. This stuff is 100% legit. The course itself talks about FREE traffic from the get go. Ok, quit rolling your eyes. It’s for real!

Isn’t there a steering you towards Solo Ads, PPC, Facebook Ads?

No way man! JayKay teaches you how to do it with 100% FREE Traffic. Not a lie. Now yes, he does have a section on Solo Ads, and Facebook Ads. But guess what? He tells you to NOT go there until you master the FREE ads part.

There are over 30 minutes of high quality videos telling you exactly how to implement this training. The part where everyone screws up when they buy training – it’s called the TAKE ACTION DUMMY part. I hate to say that, but as a newbie still, I buy shiny objects. Some not so shiny. I mean if they are zero value, I do ask for a refund AFTER I give it a really good try at using it. I did one recently that just was a total rip off.

But not to digress, there is so much untapped training here, I don’t think I would even cover it all in 30 days; yes they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve launched my first one of these as of 2:30am this morning. The training was so interesting and so concise, I was able to go ahead and keep on grinding until that time to get one done. So far, I’m seeing very high engagement. No sales yet, but I belive in due time, there will be. I mean it’s only 11:20am as I write this!

Do you think it’s easy enough for anyone to implement and how much money have you had to spend EXTRA?

That’s just it. I have NOT spent one extra dime. Now there are OTO’s but my buddy Big D Rob said get the FE. I did that. But of course, I usually don’t buy OTO’s out of the gate. I try to see if I can implement straight away. BIG D Rob said that the training was very very clear and told me that I should be able to get it right off.

Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch - JayKay's income proof
Destiny Review + BONUSES + Real World Post Launch – JayKay’s income proof

He was right. I mean come on, 30 hours of training? If I screw that up, I haven’t been trying hard enough or taking action!

OTO1DFY$37 – 10 Different conversations to help your tribe grow

OTO2Autopilot List Builder$47 – If I were to buy a OTO, this is the one I would get. Build that List!

OTO3Masters Program$197 – Real advanced training that JayKay has.

Keep in mind, once you buy the FE alone, you are welcomed to the mastermind closed group (free), and you get even MORE video training there too! He already released episode 1 there and it actually was another real cool eye opener.

But what about BONUSES?

I include 3 that will help you accomplish more than you think. Most people will throw in this that and the other. I’m not like that. These are custom bonuses that will help you leverage what is taught here.

The first one is my 67 page curated eBook called – Free Traffic Bible – this takes you beyond just Facebook free traffic.

The second one is my other curated eBook called – Top 50 List Building Tips – it’s actually 55 tips.

Lastly I am sending you, for those of us who still are slaving 9-5, the free curated eBook – Ditch the 9-5 and Hire Yourself

By the way – all of these eBooks you can re-brand and add your own affiliate links to make more money as your own lead magnets! No worries, as once you purchase this via going through my link below, you’ll have this instantly delivered via WarriorPlus when you arrive on the sales page to buy it!

Is there anything else I need to know?


One thing – Take Action – click the Buy Now button below to get started — for FREE. 


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