Covert Commissions Review 2018

Covert Commissions Review 2018

Covert Commissions Review 2018

Covert Commissions is a system that has been around for a little bit now. This Covert Commissions Review 2018 is this year’s version of the product. If you are new to affiliate marketing or have failed over and over again at it, then this is the system you should give a go. 

Covert Commissions Review 2018 - Covert Commissions Logo
Covert Commissions Review 2018 – Covert Commissions Logo

What is Covert Commissions?

Covert Commissions is your completely done for you, 100% managed affiliate marketing system. It Is A Hands-Free, Done For You Affiliate Email Marketing Service.  Getting setup is super easy. 

I’m doing this Covert Commissions Review 2018 as this is an updated system from 2017.

Just follow the easy directions basically given in the video on their sales page. Put in your JVZoo account, Clickbank account, Warrior Plus API, and finally set up your PayKickstart Account. That’s literally it. Pretty much you are up and running, but of course you will need to get your first mission!

This last item is very important and this is how this service will hook your commission payments to your payment system. For me it is PayPal. Don’t worry about having a Paykickstart account.  I didn’t have one. They have a link to set one up. Very simple. 

Covert Commissions Review 2018 - JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior +, Paykickstart setup
Covert Commissions Review 2018 – JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior +, Paykickstart setup

What do I do next? 

You should have 1 mission ready to go. The first step is to apply to promote the mission.  When you are approved, you can then view your promo tools. You’ll see your made for you email swipes with your affiliate link all set in there. Just copy and paste and email!

Covert Commissions Review 2018 - My Missions
Covert Commissions Review 2018 – My Missions

After you do all that, you go over to your briefing room to watch some training videos if you are unsure of what you are doing. They go through everything you need to get up and running. 

In the next area they call Weapons Cache, they have traffic training for you. They have a paid service called SQZin software.  They have a coupon for it. The video where you buy it explains it all. Very powerful tool to have if you choose to get it. 

How is tracking with Covert Commissions?

The tracking system is straightforward and easy to understand. They provide a way for you to track exactly where your clicks are coming from.  Data evaluation is key to figuring out what is working and what isn’t. 

They have a number of plans to try, and right now they are doing the get one mission for free to check it out. This truly is a system you can’t afford to pass up giving it a go. It really was that easy setting things up. There are plans starting at $10 a month as you can see below. 

Covert Commissions Review 2018 - Plans
Covert Commissions Review 2018 – Plans


  • Easy to to get started
  • Straight forward instructions, anyone can get going
  • Send traffic to a ready made funnel and pick missions or the DFY funnels you want to use


  • The WordPress plugin broke my site a bit, I removed it
  • The banner ads caused my site to load a little slow, I removed it
  • Other issues are still unknown, I’ll try to do an update after a week or more

Updated Information: This came into my inbox after the post straight from Covert Commissions support:

Bonuses:  We are offering a FREE mission as the entry point

You will earn commissions on EVERYTHING we promote to them – your affiliate links will go out in every promotion we do … and if they decline the funnel offer after they get the free mission – we’ll follow up with them too.

If we’ve featured one of your products in Covert Commissions your referrals will ALSO get that for free (plus one bonus commission system that promotes Covert Commissions too) – so your referrals will be equipped to promote YOUR products very powerfully!

AND if you’re a product creator, with evergreen products and haven’t got anything featured yet – talk to us!  We’ll try and get something created for you!

OTO1 of Covert Commissions 2018 – Covert Missions MembershipOption 1: $197 a year, Option 2: $27 month

Covert Commissions Membership Gives Them:

  • Autoresponder Integration: so they can get the leads too
  • Extra Missions: credits they can use to unlock any more they like
  • More Integrations: connect with more services for more leads
  • Members WP Plugin: for auto connect/share/popups/tweets etc

OTO2 of Covert Commissions 2018 – Bundle Pack – No Monthly Fee

Option1: $27 Option 2: $47 Option 3: $97

The Covert Commissions 2018 kick off or re-launch/launch is 2 weeks away as I write this – it will be on Wednesday


 May 16th, 2018 at 9am 
What are you waiting for? Just click the link below and sign up today. Also you’ll get my 
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