Cougar Commissions, Stop Bernie Sanders

Cougar Commissions, Stop Bernie Sanders
Cougar Commissions, Stop Bernie Sanders

How do I combine the two – the product I’m promoting this week – Cougar Commissions – and my rant against Bernie Sanders?

Easy. 🙂 Just take a listen to Episode #12

I do apologize for being lax on the Podcasts. 

Your fresh and new way to 15 k

You remember this guy, Dawud Islam?

He launched Panther Profits a few months back.

This time he holds nothing back…

… reveals it all in this master plan … Cougar Commissions…

On the other hand, you have Bernie Sanders.

He wants to tax your Cougar Commissions.

The fact that he omits it, is obnoxious at best.

Now he is back with his new, nothing hidden 15 k a month …

… step-by-step hold you by the hand …

(Method, system, a way to do this!)

Unlike this man below who believes in…

… smoke and mirrors and LIES…

Figure it out before it’s too late…

Bernie Sanders can not be trusted…

(he is flat out lying to America!)

Yes! He reveals all, hides nothing.

Cougar Commissions, Stop Bernie Sanders
Cougar Commissions, Stop Bernie Sanders

Shows you how he went from 0 k to 15 k a month.

On one hand Dawad can show you the above.

The other hand says Bernie will look for your money.

In taxes to pay the lazy.

Facts speak hard when it’s Sanders lying.

Don’t believe this man. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Cougar Commissions is going to be Bernie…

… Taking ALL your commissions. Giving them away.

To the truly lazy ones.

Therefore, as a result, you’ll be taxed by Bernie.

For instance, you’ll make good commissions…

… Bernie’s tax goons will be there awaiting you.

To fill their coffers to give to the lazy.

All you have to do is take a look …

… or not, the choice is ….

Many for you to vote against Bernie.

The truth of the matter is that he isn’t …

… even a Democrat. He is a user.

He lies to the American public.

Why would you want to vote for that?

Not something I am going to do.

In other words, it’s not a smart vote.

Bernie tries really hard to be one of the people…

… on the other hand, he has 3 houses and is a …

… millionaire riding on your money…

Very lame if you ask me…

Now the choice is …Your call
You jump in now

… suffer and pass for the moment.

I can’t make you look, but all I can do is offer this;

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