Christmas Day, 1990 something…

Christmas Day, 1990 something…

Christmas Day, 1990 something…

There it was Christmas Day 1990 something. My ex- and I were living in Santa Paula California. I was working as a bartender and we took turns watching the kids. I worked nights and she worked day shift while my ex- was waiting tables at this place called Carrow’s restaurant.

The truth is, at the time we were kind of happy. No lie, those were some pretty fun days, while not perfect, we got by.

We lived in this apartment we got from the gov’t via the welfare system, and we were just thankful to be away from our summer at the bus. The bus was an interesting place, it was 2 clicks from being homeless, and pretty much the worst place I ever lived.

All that being behind us, we spent a Christmas in a decent apartment and had electricity, running hot water, and heat!

You don’t appreciate basic things like that until you live without them.

That morning we decided to treat ourselves to a “gift”.

There I was in my surf shorts, tank top, flip flops and an old Navy jacket walking up to the liquor store. You see at the time our form of entertainment (when we lived at the bus) was to watch tv on our 5” b&w and drink a 32oz of King Kobra malt liquor.

On that Christmas day, there I was heading up to the liquor store to get a case of it. You see, back at the bus, we were literally rolling change to get us a 32oz. Today I was able to go up there and get a case with bills for a change.

Times sure have changed!

Don’t ever forget where you are from, and never ever let your past stop you from accomplishing things for the future. If you think you have hard times now, everyone has hard times.

Those are everyone’s facts of life!

As long as you keep going forward and never give up, you’ll make it just fine.

One of the reasons I wrote the song Falls Away was to give people who are thinking about taking their own life to just hang on to one more day. 

This is the season that more people decide that it’s too hard to go on and just give up and do themselves in. It’s not worth it.

You know why?

Because Everything Falls Away;

Merry Christmas!

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