changing your oil, the old school way ..

changing your oil, the old school way .. 

You know what I mean? It’s the old dump a qt a week in the engine method. 

When you drive an old beat up pick up truck, you can’t dump more money in. 

Yes, there is an oil leak. It sucks to know that, but also, as long as you keep oil in…

It will continue to run. Engines need oil. It’s kind of like email marketing. 

You need traffic (oil) and leads (engine)  to send that traffic too. No other way.

But if you haven’t jumped on this yet, and I really don’t know why not, there are ways.

Ways that really work online. They involve time and a bit of moolah. But if you are persistent. 

And dedicated to the cause (your bank account!). You will make it. 

Not sure how else I can really say this. I mean you are here for a reason. You are either frustrated, bored, or need more moolah;

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