Can you do this?

Can you do this?

Can you do this? 

The question that many of you ask yourself daily and I even ask myself on days when things are down.

It’s a natural question to ask, and it’s cool if you question your actions; in fact self doubt is sometimes one of the biggest motivators to keep pushing you ahead. 

What if you were a pro marketer like my pal Mr Jennings (some call him Fatz still) 🙂 … 

… below and record everything you did as an affiliate marketer in a campaign where you took 1st place in the affiliate competition for sales?

Do you believe that this would be worthwhile to learn while you are still sitting around at home in quarantine or with limited work opportunities? 

Honestly, I have not been promoting new products lately as I’ve been focused solely on list building.

Well my list is fat now.  No pun intended, but my pro affiliate marketer buddy Kam Jennings, aka Kam Fatz hit me up.

He tagged me on Facebook with a bunch of pro affiliate marketers for his latest product launch

The product is really cool, and actually very helpful and it’s called Affiliate Safari.

It’s an over the shoulder case study of the above mentioned successful affiliate campaign Kam recently did where he took 1st place in the affiliate contest. 

It goes on sale tomorrow morning (Monday May 4thmay the 4th be with you!) at 9am eastern time

Go check it out right now as the sales page is done and you can lock in that early bird pricing;


Mark Z

PS – For those of you who are skeptical of case study offers like this, I have a review copy and I can say that it was an eye opener for me on how to promote products like Kam’s Affiliate Safari;

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