Atomic Profits Review : Newbie Friendly Approach

Atomic Profits Review : Newbie Friendly Approach

Atomic Profits Review

Atomic Profits is a brand new simple newbie approach on what we all know as internet marketing. Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer introduce us to another one of their successful students James Sancimino.

Atomic Profits Review
Atomic Profits Review

This goes live on Tuesday October 9th 2018 at 10am Eastern Time

Atomic Profits is a make money online (mmo) course that will help you make the right choices and get started on your road to freedom. Now with that being said, this is not some over night push button madness course. It’s a true brand new spin on the industry as a whole.

This method will work if you follow the steps. Now one of the things this course does not have is a bunch of over the shoulder videos, but that’s ok. The PDF you’ll be picking up is complete. It takes you down the path of freedom. This is how James made all his dreams come true.

You know that dream of not driving into a 9-5 J.O.B. – you know one of those Just Over Broke places that a lot of still have to go too until we can discover the mindset needed to succeed at this.

But does Atomic Profits work?

One thing I always point out is that your income in this MMO business is strictly based on how much you put into it. There is no easy ride to the top. But from the income proof below that James included and you’ll see it on the sales page when you click the buy link below, this is legit.

Atomic Profits Review
Atomic Profits Review

What are the Pro’s and Con’s, the OTO’s, etc.. ?

Atomic Profits Pros:

  • Very Newbie friendly
  • You will be able to start making money quickly
  • Easy to scale to 4 or even 5 figures

Atomic Profits Cons:

  • No over-the-shoulder videos
  • Linking the resources he mentions would have been nice, though they’re easy to find in google.
  • Citing a few more example niches.

FE: Atomic Profits – $8 to $12.95!
This is a super simple $6k to $8k/mo method from our student James Sancimino. No list required to do this. No paid traffic required. And no product creation at all. This isn’t your typical rehashed method about building a list and then promoting products as an affiliate to that list. This is totally different and FRESH. And it brings in easy and surefire “Atomic” profits 🙂

OTO #1: Atomic Profits Fast Track + DFY – $27
This upgrade will help your customers take the “fast track” to getting Atomic Profits and scaling to $6k to $8k/mo quickly. James has narrowed down 15 of the TOP niches and campaigns to go after to eliminate all the guesswork. He is going into detail on each niche and how to profit from them in the quickest way possible.

OTO #2: FULL Resale Rights to Atomic Profits – $37
In this upgrade, we’re offering 100% commission across the ENTIRE funnel for not just Atomic Profits.. but for 2 of our OTHER products as well. That’s 3 FULL resale rights for 3 of our proven products & funnels. Boom 🙂

OTO #3: Stealth $10k Ninja – $197
A few months ago, we opened this exclusive training for a small group of 30 people only. And we priced it at $297. People absolutely LOVED the training. And now we are doing something crazy and taking $100 OFF for Atomic Profits members only 🙂

Who are the guys behind this launch?

Well it’s Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer pushing this out for James Sancimino. Those two guys are highly trusted names in the MMO and Internet Marketing (IM) industry. Proven professionals that release nothing but quality products.

Atomic Profits Review
Atomic Profits Review
What bonuses are you including?

The below are all custom bonuses you can find NOWHERE else. Why do I say that? Because I wrote them! They come straight from ME. My experiences and things other people have told me. This is me taking action. Writing to tell you about it. Why I want to share this with you as a custom bonus should be obvious. I want you go get the absolute most out of Atomic Profits.

Custom Bonus #1: Targeted Leads – How to get dirt cheap targeted leads. This is going to guide you in getting dirt cheap targeted traffic to build a list, send traffic to a funnel, etc. All for pennies.

Custom Bonus #2: Maximize Your Time on Facebook – How to maximize your time on Facebook since most of us get into the scroll mode and waste a ton of time. 

Custom Bonus #3: Free Traffic Bible – Yes, once again, this is becoming some sort of a cult phenom eBook release. This covers all the other ways to get free traffic. Doesn’t even mention Facebook. If you don’t get this, you rely 100% on  Facebook for traffic. That’s fine, but there are plenty of other avenues of free traffic out there.

Custom Bonus #4: EXCLUSIVE – Atomic Profits (Unauthorized Theme Song) – You can literally get this NO WHERE else – Atomic Profits (Unauthorized Theme Song) – Here is the clip I played on the live stream, the full track is in the BONUS zip when you buy via the link below

Custom Bonus #5: EXCLUSIVE – Welcome To The Ghetto – This is one exclusive bonus you can get NO WHERE else! Welcome To The Ghetto – Here is the clip I played on the live stream, the full track is in the BONUS zip when you buy via the link below

Anything else to tell me before I click that link below and buy from you?

Your bonuses will be available to you after you click that link below and buy from me. That’s the only way you get these for free. One of the above custom bonuses I’m actually selling, so this is quite a deal for you.

In conclusion, make sure you get in early, as this starts out on Tuesday around $8 from the last I saw. Get it cheap and pick up OTO1; highly recommended to fast start your Atomic Profits!

This goes live on Tuesday October 9th 2018 at 10am Eastern Time


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