As it rains, it pours

water dew in clear glass panel

As it rains, it pours

Sitting here this Saturday listening to the rain pound on the roof is a calming experience as we head into the full month of October 2021. 


Just thinking about the many times where it seemed to rain both good and bad. 


Not real rain, but rain as in abundance or as in bad luck. 


Right now you may be thinking back to your own streak of great days or bad ones. 


What really matters is what you learn or take away from them. 


Later this upcoming week I’ll be on a podcast 3 part interview with one of the main players in this space. 


Some of the information I release for absolutely zero will be real eye-openers for some people. 


We talk about where I came from, how I got started in this space, as well as other things I’ve done and the takeaways. 


He was correct too. 


I always seem to take something from every venture I’ve ever been on. 


It’s something that I like to pass on to anyone I connect with, even via email. 


That is why I also like putting out products that help people out. 


Like my latest one called Boneyard Magic. 


Yes, I could give it away for nothing perhaps, but for less than ~6 bucks, it’s a steal. 


Plus I include 5 bonuses, and you have the chance to get some very congruent one-time offers. 


Now again, sure I could give it away for nothing, but that something for nothing mentality just leads to bad juju at the end of the day. 


There are cost-effective ways to do things online, and my next product later this month (Oct 16th) will show you that…


This one won’t break the bank, and it shows you how to get started for next to nothing. 


Give Boneyard Magic a Look;

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