Are you list building?

Are you list building?

Are you list building?

If you are not list building, you probably are not trying to make money online.

You see the only real way to make lots of passive income is to build a list and email that list regularly. Like daily! You don’t need to sell every single day, but you need them to read your emails. 

Now the one thing that is lacking in the email marketing space are leads. Good engaged T1 leads. 

I solved that problem for you. I created the Google T1 Club.

For $97 you can get in for 30 days and see all these leads pour in daily via email. I personally go over the leads daily to make sure you get nothing but T1 goodness!

What is T1? 

T1 is the short version of what people are calling Tier 1 leads. These are simply countries with disposable income. Countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc… fall into the T1 cateogory.

Now I’ve been gathering these leads since July of 2020. I didn’t start selling them until October. In fact, my charter members for the month of November received 447 leads and they paid literally 11 cents per lead. 

But do T1 Leads Buy? 

Yes, they do. I was wondering the same thing myself.  Just from one of the affiliate networks I promote (affiliate networks are places that let you earn by selling someone else’s product), I made $160.80 from T1 Leads

The above is real. It’s straight from my stats page in that affiliate network. In fact I was curious and since January 1, 2020 I’ve made over a $1000 from this one affiliate network. 

Yes, email marketing is alive and well, so you need leads to keep emailing. T1 leads are the way to go, and my Google T1 Club provides you that today. 

But I’m not sure

Oh, I get it. I totally get it. The biggest thing is fear. What if I don’t get any sales. Well, that is sure a possibility. It won’t be due to you joining T1 club. That is another issue that I can help you with once you get inside the club. 

Going into 2021, it is December 10th, 2020 as I write this blog post, do you want to start seeing profits? Or do you want to flail away and talk about how bad everything is? 

The $9 EPC’s don’t happen overnight. It’s called dedication to a few things. 

  • Show up daily
  • Email daily
  • List build daily

The first two are all on you. I can however help you accelerate the last one. Or not accelerate it but actually provide you with the T1 Leads YOU Need;


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