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Are you disillusioned by all the inclusionism?

Are You Disillusioned by all the Inclusionism?

Are you disillusioned by all the inclusionism?

What I mean by that of course is watching all the people that feel like they were not included and felt so disillusioned by the lack of inclusion. 

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Over the weekend I saw none of that, as to be blunt and honest, I was at probably the biggest gathering of the lesbian representation of the local area.

On day one, I was in line to get into the festival behind two very nice lesbian couples. 

Oh, and we aren’t saying LGBTQ+ anything. 

These were true bone-to-the-bone “L” of the word that has been hijacked to include everyone, hence the disillusionment of the inclusion society we all live in.

Here is the thing, honestly I don’t care what anyone does or with whom. 

That is not my gripe whatsoever. 

My gripe is that every one that is under 25 acts like somehow these folks were all held down over the years, shunned away from society.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In the recent past, of say 25 years or even more, the “L” community has been out in force as well as the “G” and “B” communities.

It has only been recently, that the “T” community felt that they were being left out or not being included in the whole movement.


No movement here…  

It’s just people at the end of the day, I for one identify as none of the above, just a human who isn’t going by any letter designation or being part of any community that really does the opposite of what it says.

It’s not about “inclusion” as they may have you believe, no in fact it’s more about the same things they thought they were fighting.

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Closer to a fascist dictatorial society is what they thought they were getting away from only to see everyone now staring down this whole labeling of …

…. “L” “G” “B” or “T”. 

Do we need to even address the whole “Q+” of this? Come on man, seriously? 

Back to what I saw over the weekend. 

Yes, I was probably around more lesbians than when I have gone down to “The Grove”, which for those of you not in St Louis is the exclusively gay district, while never calling itself that –  to hang out, but that seems to be more leaning towards being a gay and bi-sexual district than open to lesbians. 

Who is hurting who and who is doing the actual non-inclusion here? 

It’s pretty clear to me that the true powers that the whole “movement” is fighting has really had one put over on them; like it’s time to put on the glasses maybe and see the truth. 

This is why I write these truths here as you are on my email list and while you came to learn how to make $$$ online, a lot of what goes on in the everyday world reflects true to the “how part” of why you all are here. 

What I mean is that the whole MMO industry is full of the same type of people that started up the above movement as well as BLM a whole other email one day in the future… 

… these people are one in the same part of a movement to take your money from you.

They will sell you that TikTok or AI is the biggest savior out there today. 

It’s the only way to truly make $$$ online in 2023 and beyond… 

… and nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

The truth is this:

Every one of these TikTok or AI courses you buy will in the end tell you the truth. 

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What these courses are really teaching you is Traffic Generation. 

Funny how that is, right?

What have I told you about the best way to make cashola online so far? 


Traffic… hmmm…. build an email list of people that are interested in that… and email them!

Wow… guess what, you were hoodwinked again by that TikTok or AI savior product when all you really needed was this one product and training. 

It’s about time you start taking action, and while I know you love reading my emails:

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