Affiliate Marketing 101 [In 30 Minutes A Day]

Affiliate Marketing 101 [In 30 Minutes A Day]

I wrote this answer on Quora a little bit ago. Yes I full on copy and pasted this from my answer there. I wrote it – quite obviously

The best thing to do would be to pick a niche. That would be step #1. Once you have picked a niche. Spend a week (at the very least) learning more about the niche.

Create a folder in your gmail account (or if you don’t have one of those, then a desktop folder). Take notes about everything you learn about the niche. The products that people buy to get better in the niche.

In that week of research about a niche, sign up for a WarriorPlus Account, JVZoo account, OfferVault account, and ClickBank account. You’ll want to have offers in that niche to promote.

After week #1 of research and preparing yourself for promoting in the niche, you’ll want to sign up for an autoresponder – Aweber or GetResponse works well. I prefer Aweber, though I no longer have an account since I run my own mailserver now (but that’s more advanced then you need to know).

This week you need to also set up a WordPress site. Pick a domain name that directly reflects your niche. Such as – PaulsMightyWorkoutTips dot com or PaulsHealthEating dot com or PaulsWaysToMakeASidehustle dot com or PaulsRelationshipAdvice dot com- whatever your niche you picked in week 1 above to learn, you’ll want your domain and your WP site to reflect that.

Either post a few articles that you wrote, or there are other tricks such as searching for something niche related and using a plagerism checker and article spinner. Nevertheless, you can look up how to do that on YouTube, etc.. and get some content on your site.

Week #3 involves you going to one more site to look up offers. MunchEye – where you’ll see the offers that are launching and have launched. Quick advice here, it’s better to research the affiliate networks and find an older offer to first promote. See if you can get a few sales first. But you are more than welcome to apply for new just launched offers too; likely not accepted unless you give great reasons.

The reason why I stated to post articles on your new site above that are niche related. Now many of you will say you can use a free website such as Wix dot com or something, and yes you can – but it’s a lot harder to do the next step. If you have WP site, it’s much easier.

In week #4, hopefully by then you will have been approved for an offer. If so, you need to make a landing page on your WP site for that offer. Tons of YT videos that can tell you how, but you can make them elaborate or what not – put a video on there, etc… with you talking about the product, etc… it’s going to be what you call a bridge page.

If you signed up for that autoresponder in week #1, you can easily now start collecting email addresses on that page. That page you’ll get them excited about the offer you are promoting (warming them up to the offer) and then when they enter their email, it takes them to the sales page.

Remember, you only need them to give you their email. Do not SELL the PRODUCT – just warm them up to the idea that this product is good to get. Good enough to drop their email into your Autoresponder.

There is how you can do affiliate marketing very quickly and easily. That is 30 minutes a day as you asked, and if you follow these steps, you’ll only spend 30 minutes a day on the next part – creating emails, creating email autoresponder series, etc…

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