You are old, so what?

You are old, so what? 

Guess what, every single day you are getting older and nothing will ever stop that. 

Do you realize that I sent you an email last night with a product that will change your life;

It’s not a secret to me or even you (I hope!) on how the super gurus made their moolah online

In fact if you take a look at all of them, they release the same product over and over. 

The same method is told with a little bit of a twist of lime to it sometimes, but essentially…

… the honest and ethical ones like Dan and Spencer of this product Trigger, tell the truth;

When you break down the truth it comes down to exactly one thing and you know it… 

(Why don’t you do it?!)

There are a litany of excuses that people will use such as the subject line of this email.

  • I’m too old. 

  • I can’t write an email. 

  • I don’t know how to get traffic. 

  • I’m stumped and totally confused. 

Well that is why you are still reading this email because I assure you this 53 (now 54 year old) Dan will lead you to the promised land!

I don’t say that lightly either as Dan is killing it these days with all things marketing;

Cheers and more beers!

Mark Z


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