👍 woke up this morning and I was in jail, facebook jail .. 😂

woke up this morning and I was in jail, facebook jail .. 

True story, and I’m sure many have been there before. Literally I reached over to grab my phone this morning after my alarm went off.

I got that annoying warning when I tried to check my facebook feed. Oh well. I did what I needed to do, uploaded a picture, changed my password, verified with a code. 

Nada. 12 hours later – I don’t have facebook access. And here is why I believe in email and blogs. 

Facebook controls too much. They have a monopoly on things. It’s terrrrrible. Once you realize this, you’ll understand while email and blogging is much better. 

Remember Facebook owns Instagram too. Plus once your account is turned off (you are in jail), you can’t use facebook messenger either. 

Now one thing I’ll say is that you don’t want to get into arguments on anything over there. Especially if the person you are arguing with likes to argue for the sake of arguing.

It’s like the joker – his head just exploded! Yes, I should have known better than to engage this person. I have avoided him before. He even tried to badger me into an argument a few weeks back.

If you have ever been in facebook jail, let me know by simply replying to this message. Now I realize that many of you have already started the marketplace mastery course, and I say this as a warning – be very careful. Watch every move you make on facebook. 

It’s a great tool, but don’t rely on it 100%. That’s why when you signed up to this email list, I gave you 2 alternative methods of doing the offline selling; gig.

At the end of the day you will need a source of products;

Best of luck in your biz and not being stuck in facebook jail like I am! 

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