🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂 of May 2021 to me… 


Yup today is my “real birthday” 

1st Birthday Cake

For those that don’t know me… 


Last March of 2020, while COVID struck


I found my real family, my birth family rather


It was rather interesting to find this out


I was able to due to a connection I made on …


… Ancestry dot com in 2019. 


In 2019 for my birthday that I’ve always know (May 27th)


I got one of those DNA spit in the tube things


Got some interesting perplexing information back.


It was interesting, but hey, I had no time for that


Totally forgot about it and went about my business.


Working the 9-5 and doing online things to make side money.


Anyways, fast forward to right around Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Birthday Fireworks

Some person contacts me on Facebook.


At first I almost immediately blocked the person… 


… glad I was not in my click block mood that day.


She said she was my 2nd cousin and does ancestry research.


I was like… cool, yeah we can be friends on Facebook.


Never heard much after that, but then in late February 2020


She got really persistent out of the blue one day…


And I was like.. She is a nut job… lol. WTF?


She kept insisting that I call her. 


I am not one for jumping on the phone with ANYONE


Let alone someone from Facebook.


I texted her back asking more questions.


She then insisted I call her. 


I ignored the message for a few more days.


Then in early March as we were all about to be locked down


Put on COVID restriction, she got adamant about things


Finally called her, left her a VM. I’m glad she didn’t pick up. Lol.


Then she says she thinks (pretty sure) she found my Dad. 


Knows who he is and that he is still alive. 


Then she gives me his phone number. 


Says the ball is in my court and good luck on my decision.


As I was driving to the 9-5 that morning, yes I know phones and driving are dangerous…


… I figured he was an old guy .. lmao.. Well so am I now!

Ball is in Your Court

I didn’t think he might know how to text or anything…


… I called him.. And again, thank God for VoiceMail. 


I left him a voicemail… it went something like this… 


“Hey there, my 2nd cousin who does ancestry research just told me, you are my Dad.”


Realizing what I just said… 


“Uhm, this is a probably going to be a shock to you, but here is my number, call me back or not”


Something like that. 


About 2 hours later I got a text … lol.. 


Good job Dad, you are up with the modern times.


He asked me several questions.. Like where I was born, and other things I could only know and he as well.


I told him the answers. 


He then responded with – exact quote here (yes have the text thread from last year, Tuesday, March 18th, 2020 


 “Hello Son.. Hopefully your Mom is well and alive! Yes know you were adopted.. We both agreed to it at the time.. As we were not able to raise you at the time..okay best we switch over to eMail to continue..(his email address) and you’re at?


LMAO.. for some reason the above quoted text makes me tear up a bit… lol… 


And apparently I did try to text him the evening before on March 17th, 2020… so I called the next morning, figuring he didn’t know how to text. Lol… at least I have the text thread to tell this story correctly.


Anyways, he wrote me a long email and the first sentence was … 



First, fact check,,

You were actually born on May 13, …


He then explained that since I was born in Japan, a funny thing here.. I just actually found out this next part like literally 2 weeks ago (~April 2021) … 


I never thought to ask this… and finally just asked him. He responded… 


Exact quoted ext back (April 15th, 2021) 


Just your Mom and Me ;-).. You came sliding out like a greased piggy.. 😛 lol.. No complications.. “ 


So there it is… I was born on the side of a hill in a 1 bedroom apt overlooking Yokosuka Japan where they both lived… 

Born Near Here on May 13th

The facts are as stated above, just my birth mom and dad. 


He actually delivered me on this day many moons ago.


Anyways long story short time..


How is my “legally recognized” birthday May 27th? 


The one on my birth certificate (in Japanese, good luck on reading that!) .. as well as on everything that identifies me. 


Well the next part of the email explained that… 


we were both afraid of having an illegitimate baby (your Mom gave birth at our small humble house without any medical assist, we were very blessed and fortunate the birthing was quick, fast, and without any complications! Praise God! Angels were watching over you & us!)

Because of this fear, it took your Mom two weeks before she got enough nerve to go down to the Registry Office to register your birth as having happened on May 27, …


Here is another funny fact… 


For most of my life I was very happy I was born under the astrological sign as a “Gemini” 


But everyone I know throughout my life thinks I’m pretty much an a**hole in the way a “Taurus” the bull acts… 


LMAO… guess what? 


That’s because I am really as far as real birth goes a “TAURUS” 


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little story that I’ve told you all before, and yeah…


Happy (real 1st birthday) to ME – 🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂


I also have 3 siblings that I never knew about til last year, we have all done a group video chat too… 


And after that above email, my dad shocks me by wanting to get on a video chat.. He looks like an older version of me…


And my younger brother looks a lot like I did when I was younger…without all this gray hair I have now… 


My 3 siblings are from a different mother 


Sad fact due to me and everyone finding out during the start of COVID lockdowns, we all have not had a chance to meet up in person yet! 


Ok.. enough about all that… you are all caught up on why this is my Real Birthday now!


btw, if you didn’t know… Traffic BEAST is steaming to over 1K copies sold already, and it just launched this morning at 10 am eastern, Thursday, May 13th, 2021, you might want to grab your copy;

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to ME 🎂

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