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Maybe tell me why?

Now it’s my belief that you signed up to this email list to learn about how to earn online.   Since it seems there is a disconnect of sorts, I figured you also might be interested in surviving the economic collapse of America (the world too).    But nothing seems to interest you.    Like
water dew in clear glass panel

As it rains, it pours

Sitting here this Saturday listening to the rain pound on the roof is a calming experience as we head into the full month of October 2021.    Just thinking about the many times where it seemed to rain both good and bad.    Not real rain, but rain as in abundance or as in bad
photo of person using black laptop

Pictures of you always on my mind

Those words seemed to haunt me yesterday, and I was thinking to myself, where did they come from?    Then I remembered, it was an old song from the 90’s “Fly to the Angels”. I kind of smiled as it was at the end of one era of music that the song was created.   

One of those days

You probably know what I mean by that. It’s a Thursday and the week is coming to an end and you are rushing around trying to get ready for …    … OCTOBER 1st!! Or the month of October.    Kicks into the Q4 as everyone calls it. The last qtr of the year 2021. 
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